Panorama of Pembridge
Pembridge Parish

Pembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan is now made after a postive referendum vote on 28th February 2019.


Pembridge NDP document                         Pembridge Policy Map1                        Pembridge Policy Map2


Full information can been found on Herefordshire Council website

The Localism Act of 2011 introduced the right for a community to produce its own Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) which in the future will form part of the planning policy for Herefordshire Council. In November 2011, Pembridge Parish Council set up a NDP Steering Group to oversee the development of a neighbourhood plan. This is a community task and everyone is welcome to participate.

Pembridge Neighbourhood Development Plan will give the community new rights to play a stronger role in shaping the development of Pembridge up to 2031. The Plan will look at identifying the parish need for development and where it might be, what type of property can be built, show consideration to Pembridge’s unique historic heritage, protect designate areas for open space and leisure and encourage commerce and business.

The Plan will be written by a Steering Group, working with a consultant on behalf of Pembridge Parish Council. Public consultations will be held at regular intervals in the form of questionnaires and public events. You will be asked for your input to the draft document, all comments will be considered before finalising the document to be scrutinised by an independent national examiner to ensure conformity with local and national policy. Finally, the Plan will be subject to a referendum of all on the electoral roll for Pembridge Parish. With a simple YES majority, our Plan will become law.

How will it work?

The approved Plan will be used by Herefordshire Council to make decisions on all planning applications in Pembridge. Residents of Pembridge Parish should come together to share ideas and build consensus about what needs to be done within the community.

Who is currently on the Steering Group?

The steering group is made up of Parish Councillors and members of the Parish

  • Cllr Andrew Pace – Chair
  • Cllr Philip Rogers
  • Cllr Michael Hancock
  • Cllr John Purlsow
  • Mr Gareth Huckerby
  • Mr Ken Myers
  • Mr Steve Jones
  • Mr Geoff Hardy
  • Mr Colin Sutherill
  • Mrs Dawn Huckerby
  • Mrs Merry Albright
  • Consultants: Data Orchard
  • Clerk: Rebecca Bissell