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Verdun Oak Sculpture FAQ

Part 1  Frequently asked question regarding the Verdun oak Sculpture

Q1:  We already have a War Memorial in Pembridge- Why do we want another?                                                                                                                          

A:  This sculpture is not a War Memorial. The acorns grown from the Verdun Oak are planted along the Straight Mile and represent the 40 men we lost in recent wars.  The Verdun Oak Sculpture is a statement representing a country man, a soldier and a female (mother, sister, wife). The Sculptor’s representation could apply to any village in the country or anywhere there is a war i.e., Ukraine. The sculpture will show the hurt and loss within the community and its resilient spirit.

Q2:  Why was the tree cut down?                                                                                                               

A:  It was considered a danger to the A44.

Q3:  Why could it not be left as a pollard?                                                                                                 

 A:  Unfortunately, the stump quickly died.

Q4:  Why could it not just have been carved in situ?                                                                              

A:  The sapwood quickly started to rot and become heavily infected with woodworm. The rot extended underground and the trunk would have quickly become unstable

Q5:  Is there a danger of rot?                                                                                                               

A:  The Sculpture will be treated against disease. There will be a budget for ongoing maintenance and protection of the Sculpture held by the Pembridge Amenity Trust.

Q6:  What will the plinth be made out of?                                                                                        

 A:  The base for the Verdun Oak Sculpture and the plinth on which it stands will be constructed from a combination of reinforced concrete, internal steel supports and steel plates.  The construction of the base will incorporate a seat surrounding the Sculpture.

Q7:  How tall will the Sculpture be?                                                                                                    

A:  It will be taller than Tony!   The art will stand 10ft high which was the height of the Verdun Oak trunk before it was felled. The height of the plinth will be approximately 3ft.

More questions and answers will be posted soon.

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