Consultation documents

To generate a Neighbourhood Development Plan the steering group need to ensure parishioners are given the opportunity to view, comment and discuss the emerging plan at different stages.

In this section, you will find documentation recording consultation with residents, community groups, services and businesses during the Neighbourhood Planning Process






The original NDP questionnaire


Initial questionnaire results report


Questionnaire results appendix

PNDP public consultation presentation Jul16.pdf

PNDP Consultation Presentation at Pembridge show Jul 2016

Regulation 14 Draft NDP Plan.pdf

PNDP Public Consultation Draft

Regulation 14 HC SEA_HRA report.pdf

Pembridge Area Environmental Report

Regulation 14 Meeting Housing Requirement Report and Site Assessment.pdf

Meeting Housing Needs & Site Assessment

Regulation 14 Response sheet.pdf

Public Consultation Response Sheet


Habitats Regulations Assessment

Reg 15 - Table 1 Representations Pembridge PC draft.pdf

Schedule of representations made at Regulation 14

Schedule of Alterrations - Pembridge PC draft.pdf

Changes made after Regulation 14 consultation